Gränsfors Coffee Table Book


Some of the world’s finest axes have been made at Gränsfors Bruk, in the historic province of Hälsingland, Sweden.  The forge that was founded in 1902, is still thriving today.

This time-piece book explores the history of the axe, one of the oldest and most important hand tools. Meet some of the influential blacksmiths who work at the Gränsfors forge and learn about the key players who have fashioned the company’s long, rich journey.  Look  inside the forge, learn how axes are made and the hear some of the secrets behind the making of an exceptional axe. In addition, learn how to best care for an axe to ensure it becomes a lifelong companion and possibly even an heirloom for future generations to enjoy.

If like us, you appreciate the rich history of blacksmithing traditions, the value of quality craftmanship, and the beauty of storytelling photography, this is a book to treasure. It embodies the heritage and advancement of this iconic brand built in the heart of central Sweden, and shares why the Gränsfors Axe is loved the world around.     

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