Hunters Axe


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The Gränsfors Bruk Hunters Axe (418) is made with the hunter in mind. It is specially designed to have a dual use. It can be used to chop and split wood and used to aid in skinning the hunter’s quarry. Of course, it is also great for chopping meat! The poll of the Hunters Axe is forged thinner than normal and it is gently rounded and burnished to a “Flay Poll” for use when skinning an animal. An axe with a normal straight poll with squared, sharp corners can easily damage the hide when used for skinning.

The Gränsfors Bruk Hunters Axe is winner of the “Excellent Swedish Design” award. It is the first and only axe in Sweden that has received this award given by: The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design.

Model 418
Length with handle


Weight 0,9 kg (2 lb)
Sheath Vegetable-tanned leather