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Battle Axe


Historical Axes are not in production and unavailable in the US.

This replica of a Danish style axe from the 11th century is characterized by its long-extended edge and its curved handle. The broad axe was first and foremost a tool used for woodworking, such as in cutting and smoothing planks for house and boat construction. The original axe is on display at the Viking Museum in Roskilde, Denmark.

The battle axe is characterized by its four eye-lugs: two above and two below the eye. The axe has a wide, thin blade with a long-curved blade with its accentuated steel edge. The axe was primarily used in battle, but also signified the power and dignity of its owner. The replica, forged by hand, is based on an axe used during the Viking Age. The original is exhibited at Jämtlands Läns Museum in Östersund.