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Bearded Axe with Eye-Socket


Historical Axes are not in production and unavailable in the US.

The Gränsfors Bearded Axe with Eye Socket is a Northern European axe model from the early 12th century. Characteristic for this model is a broad and gently rounded edge and a sturdy socket for solid hafting of the handle. The socket became popular near the end of the Viking Age and evolved from the older double-lugged bearded axe. While this model was likely used as a hand weapon, it was also a useful tool for several purposes, including felling, splitting, limbing, and carpentry.


Ancient Tradition

The Gränsfors Bearded Axe with Eye Socket is traditionally forged using a coal forge, hammer, and anvil. The axe is forged of mild steel with a carbon steel edge forge welded in – true to ancient tradition. This is an extremely complex and time-consuming process which can take up to one hundred heats and several thousand hammer blows.

Even though high-quality steel was produced in Sweden in the 12th century, it was still quite rare, extremely expensive and produced in small quantities. It was for this reason that carbon steel was only used in the cutting edge, allowing for more axes to be forged with the coveted steel.

To show that contrast between the mild steel and carbon steel, the Bearded Axe’s edge is etched. This etching is a stamp of quality, revealing that the axe is laminated and correctly forged according to ancient tradition. The oxide that forms during etching gradually fades with use.

The Gränsfors Bearded Axe features a hickory handle treated with linseed oil stain to develop a fine patina and comes with an extra-thick, custom-made sheath sewn of vegetable tanned leather.

The Gränsfors Bearded Axe is produced in small series, and each axe is stamped with a series number, year of production and the smith’s touchmark. The axe is covered by a 20-year warranty. However, Gränsfors Bruk cannot guarantee a replacement product due to the fact that the axe is produced in limited series. If a replacement is unavailable a full refund is offered instead.

The Gränsfors Bearded Axe with Eye Socket was developed by Fredrik Thelin and is forged by experienced smiths in the North Hälsingland Blacksmith Guild. Fredrik has worked as a professional blacksmith for more than 25 years, and completed his initial education at Gränsfors Bruk. During the years Fredrik has maintained a close relationship with Gränsfors Bruk, focusing on axes, general blacksmithing and as instructor for the forging courses. He is co-founder and master blacksmith of the North Hälsingland Blacksmith Guild.