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Double-Lugged Bearded Axe


The Gränsfors Double-Lugged Bearded Axe is based on a Swedish model that developed during the 600s C.E. and is seen by some as the crown jewel among early Scandinavian axes. Its beautiful form and sharp edge were both respected and feared far outside of Scandinavia. The early hewing axe came to Scandinavia from western and central Europe and later developed into two models – the double-lugged and four-lugged.

The double-lugged hewing axe was characterized by the two lugs, or cheeks, on the underside of the axe eye. The axe was often large and heavy with a long handle and elongated edge (beard). This bearded axe is characterized by the refined form which is achieved by forging the broadest possible edge using the least amount of material. The bearded axe was primarily a tool for woodworking, for example to create smooth surfaces when hewing planks. This axe type was especially important in boat-building and construction of plank-and-post “skiftesverkshus”, a type of structure built with horizontal boards slotted into standing posts. In later times it was common to exchange the handle for a shorter one, depending on how the axe would be used.

The Gränsfors Double-Lugged Bearded Axe is traditionally forged using a coal forge, hammer, and anvil. This is an extremely complex and time-consuming process, and the axe is produced in small series. Each axe is stamped with a series number, year of production and the smith’s touchmark. The Gränsfors Double-lugged Bearded Axe is forged with a somewhat shorter edge (beard) than was common around the 1000s C.E., and is hafted with a handle designed for fine woodworking and carving. Thanks to its practical size, the Bearded Axe is even suitable for outdoor activities and to bring trekking.

The original from the 1000s C.E. with a longer edge (beard) and long handle was discovered in Gothem on Gotland, and is today on display at the Historical Museum in Stockholm.

The Gränsfors Double-lugged Bearded Axe features a hickory handle treated with linseed oil stain to develop a fine patina. The axe comes with an extra-thick custom-made sheath sewn of vegetable tanned leather.

The Gränsfors Double-lugged Bearded Axe is covered by a 20-year warranty. However, Gränsfors Bruk cannot guarantee a replacement product due to the fact that the axe is produced in limited series. If a replacement is unavailable a full refund is offered instead.

The Gränsfors Double-lugged Bearded Axe was developed by Fredrik Thelin and is forged by experienced smiths in the North Hälsingland Blacksmith Guild. Fredrik has worked as a professional blacksmith for more than 25 years, and completed his initial education at Gränsfors Bruk. During the years Fredrik has maintained a close relationship with Gränsfors Bruk, focusing on axes, general blacksmithing and as instructor for the forging courses. He is co-founder and master blacksmith of the North Hälsingland Blacksmith Guild.


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Weight 0.8 kg
Length with handle 34 cm
Sheath Vegetable tanned leather
Edge length 11.5 cm
Head length 15 cm