Leather Sheath



Our vegetable tanned leather sheaths are included with each Gränsfors Bruk axe to keep the user safe when the axe is not in use. The vegetable-tanned leather sheath is free from heavy metals and biodegradable. Gränsfors Bruk has specifically chosen not to use chrome-tanned leather, as we feel that its green credentials are not sufficient or inline with our company mission.

Premium Leather 

The sheath is deep brown in color and made from vegetable tanned leather. Our premium high quality leather is ideal for axe sheath leather for axe and hatchet tools. The vegetable tanned leather sheaths have been treated and infused with oils and waxes for moisture protection which also helps to soften the leather. The treatment process helps to prevent the leather sheath from drying out and cracking through years of use. If they choose, customers can also apply leather conditioners, polishes, or creams to the leather overtime to keep it healthy, supple, and strong. Vegetable tanned leather accepts these treatments nicely. An axe or hatchet sheath will help protect your tools and keep them sharp and protected. The leather is strong and will endure years of service. The leather sheath is fastened together with rivets and operates with a buckle strap complete with the traditional Gränsfors Bruk seal on the clasp to achieve a snug fit.

Edge guards are available in different designs, depending on the axe model.