Stalpen Tree Jack


The Stalpen Tree Jack is a robust forestry tool that loggers and sawyers use to support and fell trees safely and efficiently. Used especially in emergency situations, the tool is designed to hold and sustain a hard leaning tree. It can withstand heavy forces to safely support tree crown overhangs or an incorrect leaning tree and is especially reliable in unexpected wind gusts. Additionally, it is an aid to guide a tree being felled to fall in a desired path, even when the tree is not positioned in its naturally inclined direction. The rack and pinion mechanism allows for safe forward and backward rotation of the crank at full load without the need of a manual locking device. A convenient, quick release, detachable design allows for separation in to two pieces for optimal portability and stowing. Available in one model and size, with a maximum lift capacity of 2,600 kg, or 5,730 pounds. Total weight 14.5kg/32lbs.

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