Svedbro Smide Crowbars


The Svedbro Smide Crowbars are made from alloyed steel by Gränsfors Bruks’ sister company Svedbro Smide and are available in five lengths.


The Svedbro Smide crowbars are hand forged, tempered, ground and painted by people who understand the importance and functions of a good crowbar. The Crowbars are: 

  • Hand-forged in a single piece which ensures superior durability compared with a machine pressed wrecking bar.
  • Forged of specially alloyed steel, tempered and annealed to handle heavy use.
  • Resilient and springy enough to cope with high loads.
  • Octagonal shape for superior grip.
  • 90-degree nail pulling angle to ensure access even right against walls and ceilings. 
  • Polished, fine and wide surfaces at both ends to ensure easy insertion under floorboards and joists without damaging the substrate. 
  • All wrecking bars are manufactured in Sweden and have a limited 20 year guarantee.