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      In 1985 Gabriel Brånby bought out, the then bankrupt Gränsfors Bruks Company.
      There are over 2,000 pieces in the axe museum at Gränsfors Bruk in Sweden. 
      “You can take any product, service, etc. and just adapt it, and then if you learn everything in the area, then you are king. The winner is based on knowledge.” - Gabriel Brånby
      “We decided to be environmental and you see the design of a company, the product development of a company is much more important for us than developing a new product. A company is much more important to society than a single product.” - Gabriel Brånby
      “In a company you have a lot of connections, you have a background and a responsibility to do something for society and a responsibility to bring something to the next generation. I really believe that creating and recreating and always creating a good company is always the most important because a good company always has good products.” - Gabriel Brånby
      “If you know where you stand and what you stand for, just go on. You have to be brave and you have to really have to have a team helping you.” - Gabriel Brånby
      “A guarantee card because we guarantee 20 years, because the best way to protect nature is to make products that last longer and the guarantee proves it does last longer.” - Gabriel Brånby

      Axe Care

      It is important that you take care of your axe. If you take good care of your axe and maintain
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      The environment is a core focus for Gränsfors Bruk, which is why the materials for the axe are chosen with
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      Choosing an Axe

      When making your choice, it is important to decide what the axe will be used for. Will it be used
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