Blacksmith wearing Gransfors Bruk Sweden shirt with white logo on sleeve.

Warranty Process, Returns and Return Authorization

If you see a problem with your new axe please immediately contact the Authorized Retailer you purchased from with questions before use. The Authorized Retailer will direct you with the information for processing your warranty or return if needed.

  1. In order for your Gränsfors Bruk’s axe to be covered by the 20-year warranty, you need a valid purchase receipt or axe warranty card (if purchased before January 2022) from an Authorized Retailer of Gränsfors Bruk’s axes.
  2. The purchase receipt or axe guarantee card (if purchased prior to January 2022) is your warranty document. If you have a manufacturing defect on your axe, you should contact the Authorized Retailer you purchased the axe from, i.e. the store that is stated on your purchase receipt. They will assist you in the warranty process.

If the Authorized Retailer you purchased the axe from no longer exists, please direct your warranty issue to Grand Forest, Inc. – the US Distributor.

Where applicable Grand Forest, Inc., the US Distributor, will evaluate the information including any requested photo and issue an RA (Return Authorization) number. Returns for warranty consideration are only accepted if an RA number has first been issued.  All returns must be accompanied by a copy of your dated proof of purchase and/or axe guarantee card (if purchased prior to January 2022) from a Authorized Retailer.

Initiate a Warranty Claim

What do I do with my yellow warranty card?

Upon purchase or receipt of your new axe from any US Authorized Retailer, please complete the warranty card and save a copy with your proof of purchase.  Return the original to us at Grand Forest Inc. within 60 Days of receipt of the product.  You will need to have a proof of purchase and a copy of the axe warranty card available in the event of a future warranty submission.

Grand Forest Inc.
219 Varnfield Dr.
Summerville, SC 29483

Are all axes covered under warranty?

Your purchase and warranty are valid for warranty protection when your axe was purchased from a US Authorized Retailer, and you are the original owner. Purchases made from non-authorized sources – including Amazon, eBay and other third-party vendors – will have to work directly with the company from whom the product was purchased, in the event of a warranty claim. Grand Forest Inc. will not be responsible for sales conducted by these or any other unauthorized retail avenues nor any accompanying warranty claims. For a list of authorized retailers in the United States: Authorized Retailers


What is your return policy?

If you would like to return your NEW axe please immediately contact the US Authorized Retailer where you purchased your axe. Your US Authorized Retailer will direct you with the information for processing your return.  

If your axe was purchased on the Grand Forest website it can be returned, unused, complete with its grain leather sheath and the Axe Book, within 30 days from the date of purchase. Please first contact Grand Forest for a Return Authorization number at 843-875-0240.

Caring for your Axe

The axe head is loose, how do I fix it?

Several things can cause an axe head to loosen: accidental direct impact, sideways torque exerted on the handle when trying to free the axe from wood, extremes of temperature and exposure to moisture.

Exercise caution, a loose axe head can be very dangerous.  Do not ignore the problem.

What to do:

  • In some cases, very moderate looseness can be remedied by soaking the axe head and handle in boiled linseed oil.  The boiled linseed oil will impregnate the wood causing it to swell and stay that way for some time.  If repeated on occasion this can remedy the problem entirely but only if the looseness is minor.
  • Check the wooden shim or wedge at the top of the axe.  If it shows a sign of being loose it is possible to remove it and replace it with a new one.  Call Grand Forest Inc. to have a replacement wooden wedge sent to you.
  • If the axe head is very loose on the handle or your handle is broken, it is time to replace your handle.  Replacement handles are available from your US Authorized Retailer.  They are identical to your original Gränsfors Bruk axe handle.  Each replacement handle comes complete with the necessary wooden wedge and includes a small steel staple to secure the wedge in place. Replacement instructions can be found in your axe book.
  • Once you have repaired or replaced a handle due to looseness be aware that extreme temperatures can cause an axe handle to swell or shrink compromising the head-to-handle fit.  Your axe should be stored in a moderately dry place, but neither so warm or cold a place as to risk shrinkage or expansion of the handle, thereby resulting in a loose head.
  • Regularly treating the handle with wood conditioner will minimize the tendency for the handle to shrink or expand. Boiled linseed oil, paste wax, beeswax and orange oil are examples of suitable conditioners.

Can I send the axe to Gränsfors Bruk or Grand Forest for sharpening or re-handling?

We do not currently provide in-house re-handling or sharpening services; however, we can be of assistance in directing you on how to perform these services yourself. Alternately there are several US Authorized Retailers and other companies nationwide who can be of assistance.  Please call us at 843-875-0240 and we will provide assistance to get you up and running. 


Do I need to treat the axe head or the handle with any oil?

Yes, you do.

Steel is an alloy of iron and other elements and will therefore rust readily if left exposed to moisture. The forged steel axe head should be periodically coated with oil to create a moisture barrier and eliminate the opportunity for rust to form.  Gun oil, all-purpose oil or any oils noted as suitable for steel are appropriate choices.

Your axe handle should likewise be coated periodically with boiled linseed oil, beeswax, paste wax or any type of wood conditioner. This keeps the wood of the handle well hydrated and less susceptible to the negative effects of expansion and contraction. Something that can occur when the axe is exposed to extremes of temperature and varying moisture levels.

It looks like a crack on the underside of the axe head, near the axe eye. Is this normal?

A small crack or separation in the steel is visible on the underside of numerous Gränsfors Bruk axe models.  This is not a manufacturing defect but a byproduct of the forging process.  It is formed when the eye of the axe is fashioned. Sometimes it looks symmetric, others irregular.  Regardless of its exact shape, its presence will have no effect upon the functionality and integrity of the axe head.

Purchasing & Shipping

Are Amazon, Ebay, Google or Walmart authorized US retailers?

No. Grand Forest and Gränsfors Bruk are dedicated to supporting dealers who stock and support the product in their stores.

Do you ship to Canada or outside the US?

No. Grand Forest exclusively supports and supplies stores in the United States.  To find a distributor outside the US, visit the Swedish Gränsfors Bruk website www.gransforsbruk.com and search for your country.  Purchases made from Canada or any overseas retail avenue will need to be returned to the originating country for warranty claims, returns, or support.

Can I request an axe made by a certain blacksmith?

Unfortunately, we cannot request specific initials or ask for a specific blacksmith to make your axe.  There are numerous blacksmiths crafting the many different axe models at Gränsfors Bruk.  Each smith is tasked with making the axe models on which they have achieved the highest standard of proficiency. 

Why aren’t all of the axes available for sale on your website?

Grand Forest presents items on the website which are currently in production and available in the United States.  There are several reasons a product may not be available for sales. 

Gränsfors Bruk has manufactured axes for over 100 years.  Many models have been retired and are no longer in production.  You can find information on these axes in our Legacy section. 

Occasionally there is a specific model being made at Gränsfors Bruk which is exclusively available to those visiting the forge in Sweden. The Gränsfors Bruk website www.gransforsbruk.com also logs a comprehensive list of all the axe models they have made over the course of the past 30  years or so.  This may in some cases include models not currently in production.  

If there is a Gränsfors Bruk axe model that you are looking for but cannot seem to locate please call us: 843-875-0240.  We can answer your questions regarding model availability.  As the sole US distributor of Gränsfors Bruk axes, we are typically supplied all axe models which are currently in production at the forge.  Our US Authorized Retailers in turn have access to these models.  Chances are, if your retailer cannot access a certain axe, then we cannot either.

Who do I contact if I am a US retail store owner interested in carrying your axes?

Please call 843-875-0240 or visit our CONTACT page and submit details pertaining to your inquiry, including a physical address and website.  We will review your information and respond accordingly.

Brands, Products & Replacement Parts


Where can I order a replacement sheath or handle?

We routinely stock replacement handles and sheaths for order.  Visit our STORE. These are also available for order from many of our US Authorized Retailers for order.

Do you sell Wetterlings axes?

We do not.  Wetterlings was, at one time, owned by the same family who owns Gränsfors Bruk.  A few years ago, Wetterlings was dissolved.  Since that time its forge has been systematically updated and refurbished.  Today it is fully operational as an extension of Gränsfors Bruk production. 

Axe File, Diamond File & Sharpening Stone

What’s the difference between an axe file, an axe diamond file, and a sharpening stone? 

All three tools are designed to maintain the blade of the axe and can be used independently or together depending on the need. 

The Axe File closely resembles the Axe Diamond File in physical appearance.  Its purpose however is different.  The Axe File is designed to file out and remove small nicks or coarser damage on an axe edge when applicable.  This step is performed first in the sharpening process but only when necessary.  After filing out nicks at a diagonal, working from back of bevel face to the front where the cutting edge is, the more refined step of sharpening the axe begins.

Gränsfors Bruk offers two accessories for the final sharpening stage: the Axe Diamond File and the Ceramic Sharpening Stone.  While their appearance is different, they are simply two separate tools for you to choose from, each enabling you to finely sharpen an axe.  Both have a course and a fine grit side.  Sharpening always begins on the course grit side of a diamond file or ceramic stone and ends with the use of the finer grit side.  Technique for use of these tools varies across the industry.  Most commonly, a ceramic stone is passed in back and forth circular motions over the entire length of the bevel face, starting at the rear of the bevel and working gradually toward the cutting edge.  The diamond file is usually passed from the back of the bevel face moving toward the cutting edge, in a sweeping stroke that is made at a diagonal to the cutting edge.  Care is taken to lift the file off the edge at the end of each stroke.  All steps are repeated on both sides.  In all cases it is important to attempt to maintain the original angle of the cutting edge and convex curvature original to the axe bevel.

Custom Orders & Historical Axes

Where can I find an Adze axe?

The four adze models have been out of production at the forge for several years now.  While they are not currently available for distribution to the US, they are anticipated to be back in the future.  Please feel free to check in with us periodically regarding availability updates.

Is it possible to special order an axe, after a drawing, sketch, photo or old model?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate special orders at this time.


How do I know that I have a genuine Gränsfors axe?

Each axe head is marked, on one side of the axe head near the poll, with the Gränsfors Bruk crown logo beside the blacksmith’s initials. The other side of the axe head will read: “Gränsfors Bruk Sweden”. The handle will also have the crown logo embossed.  Look at all 4 markings to ensure a genuine product. 


Why is the axe head labeled with two letters?

Each axe head carries the initials of the blacksmith who crafted it. To see the full list names, go to Handcrafted or view all of the Gränsfors Bruk blacksmiths in the the Axe Book.  This book comes attached to each new Gränsfors Bruk axe.


Why doesn’t my axe have a steel wedge at the top of the handle fitting?   

Gränsfors Bruk made changes to their manufacturing as announced by the forge in Sweden in late 2015:

In August 2015, we began to exclude the steel wedge in a few of our Gränsfors Bruk axes. After subsequent testing in 2016 we found that the steel wedge is no longer needed in most of our axe models. The only exception to this is line of splitters: 439 splitting hatchet, 441 small splitting axe, 442 large splitting axe, 445 long and large splitting axe, and 450 splitting maul. The current machinery used at the forge for attaching the handle to the axe head is highly powerful, and therefore ensures a very tight head-to-handle fit. As a result, the steel wedge is no longer considered necessary. In numerous stress tests we have confirmed that the removal of the small steel wedge from the top of the handle has not impacted functionality or the quality of our axes. At Gränsfors Bruk, we strive for minimal use of all materials to maintain a simplistic and classic design.  Removing any materials not necessary to the performance or longevity of the axes underscores our environmental efforts to conserve the earth’s resources.

For a time, there will be a mixture of axes with and without steel wedge during this transition.

Please note that with the purchase of all Gränsfors Bruk replacement handles, we will continue to send both the wooden and the small steel wedge. It is assumed that the customer does not have the benefit of Gränsfors’ handle-fitting machinery.  The steel wedge can therefore be used when re-handling an axe at home, as an extra step, ensuring a secure fit of the handle in the axe head.”