The Factory


For more than 100 years, Gränsfors Bruk AB has built a business based around handcrafted axes and axe expertise, with a focus on quality and environmental responsibility. Our roots began in Sweden and have grown into an international brand with distributors in more than 28 countries.

Every axe is crafted by one of our skilled blacksmiths. Each is marked with the smith’s initials as a guarantee of quality. The small details show the characteristics and skill of the individual craftsman.

Gränsfors Bruk is located in the Swedish village of Gränsfors in northern Hälsingland. The forge sits at the heart of the village and you can hear the rhythmic pounding as you approach.

The axe forge and factory is open to the public and welcomes visitors to see the axes being forged, sharpened, tempered and fitted with handles.